Murray Weiss Photography
I have been a photographer for more than
sixty years. I taught photography for
thirty two years while photographing  
almost exclusively in black and white.

Developments in digital technology
enticed me to photograph in color. Newly
introduced printers using pigment inks,
fine jets and improved paper have the
capacity for excellent print sharpness,
tonal fidelity, beauty and permanence.

The images on these pages have been
made over the past thirty years and reflect
the seeing, excitement, discovery and
exploration I've previously pursued in
photography with the added fillip of color.

The artist-photographer's core challenge
is to make work "come alive" - for that to
happen two  ingredients must be present.
First, the artist must be specific. It is
penetrating specificity that enables an
image to achieve a degree of universality
and thereby live. Second, the materials
must be used in a manner that heightens
the selectivity - in a word, beautifully! In
my work those goals have been pursued
by photographing as a consequence of
curiosity, amazement, delight and love for
what I see.
Brancealone da Norcia
Calla Lily #3_'06
Brancealone da Norcia
Calla Lily #3 06
Ecco Pond Sunset,  Everglades
MW on Blackhead '04
Murray on Blackhead                     Teri